The GOOD the BAD and the utterly STUPID

We have always believed in praising good products and services just as we want to highlight the bad ones.

For example, a few years ago Barbara had such outstanding service on an EasyJet flight and, as a former stewardess herself, she wanted to thank the crew and the airline. A search of the EasyJet website showed that it was only possible to complain or make a claim against the airline but not to praise it. After searching various company registration sits, we found the e-mail address of EasyJets Chief Executive who immediately thanked Barbara for her kind remarks and promised to pass them on to the flight crew.

These days there is a trend, especially among service companies, to continually request feedback on their performance. I tend to avoid these tick box responses especially when it is clear that the survey is being carried out by a third party or agency. Far better to send a thank you e-mail!

So I thought I would try to post our thoughts on the GOOD, BAD and utterly STUPID (avoiding politicians of course), lets see how it goes.